LCZ resources

LCZ typology figure

A royalty-free high-resolution LCZ typology figure from Demuzere et al. (2020) can be downloaded here, and can be used without requesting permission (yet with proper citation) in your paper.

Demuzere M, Hankey S, Mills G, Zhang W, Lu T, Bechtel B. Combining expert and crowd-sourced training data to map urban form and functions for the continental US. Sci Data. 2020;7(1):264. doi:10.1038/s41597-020-00605-z.

LCZ colormaps

The colourmaps with the official LCZ colour scheme are provided here for SAGA GIS and QGIS. There are colourmaps for both LCZ naming versions (classes 1-17 or classes 1-107).

SAGA colourmaps

QGIS colourmaps