WUDAPT offers tools to generate data on form and function of urban areas and to apply them in different models and procedures.

Generate static LCZ map (L0 data)

Generate dynamic LCZ map

At the moment, dynamic LCZ mapping is not supported by the LCZ Generator. There is however an experimental and open-source procedure for multi-temporal LCZ mapping available on GitHub .

Use WUDAPT data in models

Other WUDAPT-related tools

  • Convert cityGML and sealing data to UCPs (by Sebastian Schubert)
  • OSM2LES (Jiachen Lu et al.): extracting and rasterizing building footprint from OpenStreetMap 
  • Geoclimate (Erwan Bocher et al.): A Geospatial processing toolbox for environmental and climate studies 
  • SHAFTS (Ruidong Li et al.): building height and footprint from Sentinel imagery
  • lczexplore (Goussef et al.): an R package to explore Local Climate Zone classifications