The WUDAPT portal

Note that the portal and its underlying procedures are no longer maintained nor updated.

When LCZ maps were produced with the old classification procedure, they were undergoing a quality assessment (QA) in several stages, as explained in Bechtel et al. (2019).

Once the maps passed the automated quality assessment, they were added to the WUDAPT portal from which they can be downloaded. This comprises the maps (as GeoTIFF and KML) and some metadata including the fact sheets and QA results. Data that did not pass the quality assessment, are not available for download.

Bechtel, B., Alexander, P.J., Beck, C., Böhner, J., Brousse, O., Ching, J., Demuzere, M., Fonte, C., Gál, T., Hidalgo, J., Hoffmann, P., Middel, A., Mills, G., Ren, C., See, L., Sismanidis, P., Verdonck, M.-L., Xu, G., Xu, Y., 2019. Generating WUDAPT Level 0 data – Current status of production and evaluation. Urban Climate 27, 24–45.

Unfortunately, the quality assessment was taking a long time: in particular the manual review was greatly delayed due to missing funding. As such, the team at the Ruhr University Bochum developed the LCZ Generator, a web application that performs an automated QA, and that also provides a submission table from which one can download LCZ maps together with all available metadata and statistics.